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I spent over 20 years in the leasing and equipment finance industry in all aspects of operations, systems and processes.   My experiences and skills have the same thread running through it:  I can connect the dots for teams in a way no one else can.  Those light bulb moments where people say, “Ah, I never would have thought of it that way,” is a phrase I hear frequently.

forward thinking insights

Today, I consult with executive leaders to develop unconventional solutions to conventional problems while leveraging technology.   Instead of executives feeling overwhelmed with the problem and options list, I step in to cut through the chaos to help narrow the focus on short term solutions while keeping long term sustainability and future trends in mind.

As an operations and technology expert, I help your teams through the brainstorming and transformation path and mentor them through implementation. Instead of getting stuck down the rabbit hole, I bring you back up onto the road to success.  

Don’t be limited by your legacy systems. Let’s leverage new technologies to change the game.


Sometimes teams are struggling to solve a problem, it’s like working with all the puzzle pieces and not having the box top.  I step in and help the team see the big picture to make sense of what they have so we can put the puzzle together.

Bottom line: My mad skill at developing cutting edge approaches with a high standard of excellence results in enterprising developments and changes that revolutionizes this world. 

 Deborah Reuben, CLFP - Founder / President  Reuben Creative, LLC

Deborah Reuben, CLFP - Founder / President

Reuben Creative, LLC

 If you need someone who operates at the intersection of industry knowledge, creative thinking, and a future lens, let's talk.

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