Coaching & Brainstorming

So many options, so many pieces to the puzzle, but there is no box top. There is no playbook for what you are doing right now.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could wave a magic wand and put all these puzzle pieces together? While I don't have a magic wand, I do have super brainstorming and facilitation skills.

Yes you can brainstorm by yourself, but sometimes it is just easier to bounce your ideas off of someone else, someone who will ask you lots of questions and challenge your thinking to help you see your challenge or idea from a variety of perspectives.

Whether at a whiteboard face to face or virtual visual brainstorming online, we can work through your challenge and I will ask questions and lead you through a process of looking at your challenge in a whole new way helping you to see the big picture, which serves as the box top helping you to fit those pieces together and see a path forward.

Maybe you don't need a long term engagement, you just need someone who understands technology and the industry, just a quick intervention to help you get un-stuck or to interpret techno-speak into something you can understand so you can make good decisions. 

Contact me to discuss scheduling a one on one, virtual, or face to face coaching or brainstorming session.


Longer Term Advisory Package

If you are facing project and need guidance for a short time, let's talk about an advisory coaching arrangement. You don't have to commit to a long term contract and you still have the peace of mind that there is someone you can call who knows your situation and project and can advise you along the way. 


Example Coaching & Brainstorming interactions

Adhoc Scheduled Online Sessions

Busting through overwhelm to go from chaos to clarity: A wise man once shared with me, "it's hard to remember that you came to drain the swamp when you are up to your ears in alligators." That's what this leader felt like. Faced with competing priorities, every one presenting itself as urgent, they needed someone to listen, without judging, a sounding board and also someone to challenge their thinking. Even though they were way out on the west coast and I was in Minnesota, we were able to get into a virtual visual brainstorming session and rapidly work things out. Ninety minutes flew by and by the time we finished, the next right steps clearly revealed themselves. These answers were inside of this person all along, they just needed someone to ask questions, sometimes tough ones, that helped to pull those answers OUT.

Rapidly Laying Out the Talking Points for a Pitch to the Board: Business Leader desiring to shake things up and raise awareness of technology innovation needed help sorting out an idea and the talking points to pitch an innovation summit idea to their board. We scheduled a call, hopped onto a web meeting and I virtually facilitated a visual brainstorming session to clarify desired outcome, lots of ideas, value proposition, and more. By the end of 90 minutes they had a document with visual and notes to use as a rough draft and clarified talking points for the pitch.

Face-to-face whiteboard discussion

Two participant whiteboard session to envision a technology organization of the future:

Everyone seems to have their best way of thinking and learning and it was true with these leaders. One technology exec and one business exec. Based on my observations interacting with these two in the past,  I knew that they would respond best to face to face, visuals, a fast pace, and lots of movement. We got together in person at a whiteboard, with lots of stickies, and I facilitated a discussion where we explored multiple options for technology structure, reviewed study results, and visually mapped out the first draft of the future technology organization to be pitched to the board. There were a lot of stickies and marker fumes and not a lot of sitting in this meeting. The three hour session was the foundation for changes that led to technology momentum this organization is experiencing even today.

One on one whiteboard session to help a technology leader chart the course for developing business relationships & knowledge. 

In this face to face brainstorming /coaching session I helped a frustrated technology  leader who desired to build strong and effective working relationship with new business partners to overcome overwhelm and see a path forward. Being new to lending, I helped them to identify challenges, ideas, areas of focus, opportunities to rapidly ramp up understanding of the business as well as a roadmap for improving business technology interactions over time.