Are you are ready to move beyond status quo? Do you want to apply a new lens and creative thinking to your big questions?

Here are examples of the questions that have turned into creative problem solving projects.

Are you faced with similar challenges? 


Vision & Strategy Projects

  • What will it take to re-write the Certified Lease & Finance Professionals' Handbook for the revised CLFP Body of Knowledge? 
  • How might we re-write the CLFP Handbook for the new CLFP Body of Knowledge in five months?
  • A financial services CEO asked, what could my company look like in five years? Can you help me to see possible futures for each line of business? 
  • We need to overhaul our entire digital platform, where do we begin?

Workshop Design and Facilitation


  • How might we shake things up for the industry future council and help executives to see where technology is going and how that relates to the future of the industry?   
  • How might we build confidence in our software product development team so that they can develop a more in-depth understanding of the equipment finance industry to identify and satisfy the real needs of customers?
  • How might we quickly build shared knowledge on our team so that we can create a repeatable process to meet the needs of our software implementation clients?
  • How might we help a product team that is stuck, to imagine new possibilities for future innovation?

Strategic Advisory Technology Consulting

  • My team brought me this project that is expensive and, and although we need the capability, it is not sitting well with me, can you take a second look? What should we be doing? Are we solving the right problem?
  • How might we build a foundation for digital transformation that allows us to deliver credit decisions in minutes and have an end to end view of customer interactions in less than one year?
  • We think we need a new equipment finance platform and see two options. Will you help us choose? Are there other options? Where do we begin? 
  • As the non-technical executive sponsor for a signficant system implementationn, can you be my sounding board, translator, and voice of reason? Can you help me understand what my technology vendor is saying, help me to strategically develop a productive working relationship, and guide my team through initial vision and requirements?
  • We have selected a vendor and need a second look at our business requirements and project plan before we feel confident signing a contract for a significant technology project. What are we missing? What should we consider?
  • We failed the last project and we do not want to repeat the same mistakes will you help us start over with clarified vision and focus on the future?
  • As my team is designing the business technology strategy, will you be a catalyst to bring outside-in thinking and industry level insights so that we don’t get stuck doing the same old thing?

Technology Trends and Future

  • What are the technology trends in our industry? What is going on out there?
  • How might we communicate what fintech is, current trends, and potential impacts and opportunities for this industry? 
  • What should I be reading to get up to speed on tech trends?
  • Can you provide a curated list of topics we should be watching so that we can stay on top of technology trends in our industry?