Imagine the Future Workshop

Step away from your day to day and take some time to focus on the future. This day and a half workshop will help your group to identify forces of change, understand the latest exponential technology advances and business model innovation trends and discuss the potential impacts and opportunities for your industry and business.

This workshop is designed to be an impactful, interactive, and immersive experience allowing leaders to get way from day to day thinking and immerse themselves in future focused discussion and activities. 

You can expect attendees to be engaged and participating within the first 15 minutes of the event and you will be surprised to see every single person speaking before the first 45 minutes is up. If you are looking for totally focused engagement and new thinking about the future, with facilitation from someone who understands the industry, consider this experience.

The "Imagine the Future of..." workshop can be customized to fit your business goals and the experience you desire to provide for attendees. We can plan this as a stand-alone event or an add on to another event or off-site retreat.

An example of this workshop is the Industry Future Council workshop that I designed and facilitated for the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation.

 Action shots from the 2017 Industry Future Council

Action shots from the 2017 Industry Future Council



  • interactive introduction exercise
  • Context Building Exercises
  • Overview and discussion of exponential technology innovations and potential impacts or opportunities for your industry.
  • Experience technology activity 
  • Forces of Change
  • Storyboarding future scenarios 
  • Leadership for exponential times
  • Ideas to action discussion and capture, what do you do with what we have discovered?


Day 1: begin the afternoon with introductions, context, current forces of change activities and discussions. Sleep on it.

Day 2: discuss new insights, exponential tech trends, tech immersion activity, brainstorm, ideas to action, close.