You need a clear path forward, I create experiences that spark ideas, prompt new connections, and help you see that path.

Through strategically designed and facilitated visual and interactive workshop experiences, I have helped a variety of teams to build shared context, create shared understanding of the business problems to solve, and see the path forward in a new way. These are more than just "status quo meetings" my workshops are impactful experiences by design. Over the years, I have discovered that under the right conditions, it is possible to help a group solve problems, generate and vet ideas, or even cast a new vision for the future in a very short time frame. It doesn't have to take months, with the right scope and problem statement, we can often make significant progress and even generate breakthrough ideas within one or two days. 

The following two workshops follow my signature framework. I also design and facilitate custom workshops to fit specific business needs.

Process Workshop

  • Your team of cross-functional stakeholders.
  • 1 Facilitator, 2 Days, Countless Stickies, No BS
  • See your current state process and system situation 
  • Understand what you should really consider for your short and long term digital transformation roadmap.

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future Workshop

  • An environment for your team to get away from day to day thinking and focus on the future
  • Exponential technology update
  • Forces of change and future scenario storyboarding
  • Shift mindset

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