Her clients use words like “unicorn,” “ninja,”
and “rockstar” to describe her.

They’ve called her a “future-focused wiz,” and “one of the most interesting thinkers they’ve ever met, coupled with her wicked intelligence…” One client put it this way, “She’s a unique combination of being a tech-savvy visionary, big picture problem solver, collaborative work partner/facilitator, and also quirky and playful.”


Deb Reuben is a multi-faceted resource, combining her impressive knowledge of technology and twenty years in the equipment finance industry with her innate ability to connect the dots and create a fusion between the two. Her style is relatable and people-focused, making her the perfect person to guide leaders at all levels through current technology trends and the relevant impact those technologies can have on their businesses and organizations.
She delivers her content in unconventional ways and formats that make it memorable and understandable. At the core of all of this is an intense focus on the future and desire to break the status quo. She has a passion for informing and coaching others on the trends that will impact their jobs and lives, removing any fear of the future. Forward-thinking insights are her best tool.


“I love helping clients connect the dots in unusual ways to bring fresh insights and spark new ideas, working as a catalyst for new thinking. I study problems from multiple dimensions and perspectives, flying around challenges like a drone, fusing innovation and curiosity with excellence and prestige. A female James Bond meets a mad scientist – that’s me!”


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