Technology is accelerating and evolving every day, and the value of leveraging it to drive innovation, growth, and leadership in your business is clear.

Knowing where to start amidst all the noise around technology simply leads to more confusion. With so many options and changes in technology, it is challenging to know where to even begin. Bring Deb Reuben in to work with your team, or consult you as a leader, and here’s what you can expect: Deb will challenge your thinking.
Some will approach a problem and end up trying to use the same solutions they’ve used in the past, calling it innovation. Not Deb.
She will shake things up and help you move the needle by introducing new ideas. She’ll ask questions the others don’t and help you to see the solutions that are outside the box. Deb will push you out of your comfort zone and lead you to the solutions you’ve been looking for to prepare for the future.

Working together, she’ll bring her unique and inventive collaborative methods to map the road ahead for creating useful and usable business technology solutions to grow your business.


Understand where you are and develop the roadmap to get you where you want to go.
Advise and guide your implementation teams and be a ready resource.
Customize your technology solutions to the needs of your company and customers.

“Deb is probably one of the most interesting “thinkers” I’ve ever met.
Coupled with her wicked intelligence, that makes her a powerful and dynamic individual.
She asks questions that others don’t. She thinks outside the box. Where most focus on
what can only fit inside a box, she directs us to see what might be outside of it.”

– Reid Raykovich, CLFP, Executive Director, Certified Lease & Finance Professional Foundation


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